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My name is Lars Patenaude, and I have been a stay-at-home father for the past 15 years.  Prior to that I worked in International relations in Switzerland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Once I settled things over there, and after our first child was born, my marvelous wife decided to follow a childhood dream to attend medical school.  It was at this point I relocated my conflict resolution practice to home, with my children.  We have since raised three wonderful daughters, and all joking aside, I would not have traded this opportunity for the world! 

Now that my wife has more humane hours (so long, residency and inpatient!), and our eldest has a driver's licence (!!), they are able to pick up some of my taxi duties, and I follow many great stay-at-home pioneers into the Real Estate business (flexibility to make it to school activities, while hopefully earning some money - and lets not forget, the opportunity to spend time with grown-ups again). 

Although I am new at the time of this writing, my wife's entire family is in real estate, and I have not made it through 15 years of family gatherings without picking up a thing or three. And fear not, if there is something I can not answer immediately, I have the resources within phones reach, and I am not afraid to use it!

I can promise one thing to you.  That is, I will do my best to serve your needs with all of my ability.  I can not abide dissatisfaction.


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He is most definitely a human being.

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As far as I know he lives in a house. So, he must know something about Real Estate. Right?

Davie "Down by the river" Duggan

He is very special.  You know, he could become the President if he wants.



Where I work:

Sawicki Real Estate is a full service real estate agency with a team of professional agents dedicated to excellence.  We provide national visibility as well as local area expertise, knowledge of neighborhoods, schools and much more. Our agents know their houses inside and out, know how to set the right price, know how to show off a home's most attractive qualities and know how to match the right buyers to the right property.


Serving The Five College Region

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